WayWalker Studios Announces Tabletop Wargames Products

Accessories and Terrain for Tabletop Wargames to be released under new BattleWerks Product Line.

AUSTIN, TX, February 5th, 2019—WayWalker Studios creates new tabletop wargames line: BattleWerks. The new line will focus on accessories and terrain for the world’s most popular sci-fi and fantasy tabletop wargames.

The first release under the BattleWerks line is a set of clear acrylic movement trays. Perfect for owners of large armies of orcs, cultists, reavers, demons, or aliens, our movement trays allow you to move your hordes of miniatures across the battlefield with ease. Never have opponents accuse you of slow play again!

The movement trays are in stock and available to order directly from our online store. All transactions our secure with SSL and we accept all major forms of payment including PayPal. If you are local to Austin, you can purchase the movement trays directly from Dragon’s Lair, our favorite local gaming store.

Our next release for the BattleWerks line will be affordable fantasy and sci-fi terrain suitable for both tabletop and RPG games. The terrain is being developed using the latest digital sculpting and 3D printing technologies and is currently being tested to ensure it maintains the company’s high standards and meets the requirements of both tabletop and RPG gamers. A further announcement on our terrain line is coming soon!

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