About Us

Waywalker Studios is an independent design house based in Austin, Texas. We are focused on delivering engaging, story-driven, and visually spectacular products utilizing our dark fantasy IP, Violet Dawn. The first of these products, Violet Dawn: Exile, is a digital-first comic series written by New York Times bestselling novelist Alexander Freed. The first issue of the comic is free to read at violetdawn.com, and will be collected into a graphic novel via a Kickstarter campaign in fourth quarter 2022.

Waywalker Studios also strives to deliver world class products and accessories for the hobby gaming industry. We are pushing the boundaries of innovation by embracing new technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing, digital sculpting, UV printing, and photogrammetry. Our hobby gaming products will be released under the BattleWerks brand.

Whether it’s comics, tabletop terrain, miniatures, role-playing, or board games, Waywalker Studios strives for excellence in all aspects of everything we do. At our core, we’re all gamers. If we’re not making games, we’re playing them. Everything we work on is not only a reflection of our commitment to high quality production standards, it is a testament to our passion and creativity as gamers and designers. Waywalker Studios is a fresh, creative outlet with one mission: to bring the passion of our designers and artists to gamers worldwide.

The founders of Waywalker Studios are:

Jeffrey Visgaitis, co-founder and creative director, had his start in the industry when he worked on the fan created supplement Lustria: Cities of Gold for Games Workshop’s popular Mordheim: City of the Damned skirmish game. Since then he has conceptualized the dark fantasy IP “Violet Dawn”, run an award-winning pen-and-paper role-playing game company, and worked as a miniatures designer, 3D modeler, and layout artist.

Michael Lazarus, co-founder and managing director, has been involved in business in some capacity throughout his entire life since he turned a profit making and selling comics on the playground in grade school. He has a background in video games, having worked at local gaming companies and conventions in the Austin area. Michael has developed content in both Unity and Unreal, and is now completing a degree in animation and fabrication.