Movement Trays: 25mm 5 Models x2




Move your hordes across the battlefield with ease, and never be accused of slow play again! These laser cut, acrylic movement trays are tailor made for the world’s most popular sci-fi and fantasy tabletop wargames. The trays are transparent, but ship with a protective film to prevent scratching. Assembly is required. We recommend using acrylic cement to avoid clouding. A tutorial on movement try assembly is available here.

Includes 2 trays that will accommodate 5 models each on 25mm round bases.

Special Note on Laser Cut Acrylic orders:
Our laser cut acrylic products are in high demand and new print runs are ordered weekly and shipped within 24 hours of completion. If we don’t have all of your items in stock, your order will be added to the following weeks print queue. We will then send you conformation of your order status and an estimated ship date. Please note that orders placed after 5 PM on Wednesday might not make it to that weeks print.

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