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A 277 page PDF product featuring all of the monsters we have released for version 3.5 of the d20 System. Includes monsters from the following products:

  • Denizens of Avadnu (Nominated for “Best Monster Supplement” by the The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards and 10 monsters excerpted for Monte Cook Presents: The Year’s Best d20).
  • Legends of Avadnu
  • The Broken Isles (Nominated for “Best Electronic Book” by The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards).
  • Other monsters from unreleased products.

With over 150 exotic creatures and dozens of new skills, feats, weapons, and magic items, The Complete Book of Denizens will add variety to fantasy campaigns for years to come. Illustrated with lavish full color artwork, each entry is designed for easy integration into any d20 System game, supplemented with adventure ideas and separate entries to provide depth into Avadnu’s unique history and ecology. Compatible with version 3.5 of the D20 System.

Authors: David Bareford, Chris Bennett, Alex Freed, Bob Gallagher, Mike Mumich, Jason Rosenstock, Wil Upchurch, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Cover Art: Jason Rosenstock
Interior Art: Jason Brunner, Bob Gallagher, Keith Hyduke, Khang Le, Mike Mumich, Aaron Norell, Tony Parker, Scott Purdy, Jason Rosenstock, Vebjørn Strømmen, Mathias Tapias, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Product Code: INC2002
Format: Full Color PDF
Page Count: 277


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