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From the creators of the award-nominated Denizens of Avadnu comes the first in-depth look at the world of Violet Dawn. On a group of mysterious islands isolated from the mainland of Kaelandar, primitive humans struggle for survival. They count among their enemies a dangerous and bizarre environment, inhuman slavers from beyond the sea, horrid monsters, buried magic, and of course one another. Together with barbarous skarren, moon-blessed zeidians, and adaptive ngakoi, these humans desperately contend with the secrets of their strange land.

The Lorebook of the Broken Isles contains everything a DM needs to begin a Broken Isles campaign. The Lorebook is illustrated in full color and is 39 pages inlength. The PDF is extensively bookmarked for ease of use, and a printer-friendly version is also included. The Lorebook contains the complete history and geography of the Broken Isles, a full-color map, 8 never-before-seen monsters (along withover a dozen monsters adapted from Denizens of Avadnu), and a chapter dedicated to capturing the mood of the isles and ideas on starting a campaign.

The Broken Isles product line is a standalone mini-campaign setting designed to ease players and DMs into the world of Violet Dawn. The Broken Isles is focused on play from 1st to 5th level, building PCs’ knowledge and experience until they’re prepared to face the wider world of Avadnu.

  • Nominated for “Best Electronic Book” by the The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards.

Authors: Alex Freed, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Cover Art: Khang Le
Interior Art: Jason Brunner, James Byrd, Ramon Contini, Bob Gallagher, Michael Komarck, Khang Le, Mike Mumich, Aaron Norell, Tony Parker, Jason Rosenstock, Mack Sztaba, Mathias Tapias
Product Code: INC2001B
Format: Full Color PDF
Page Count: 39


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