Races of Violet Dawn: Zeidian PDF


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The Inner Circle continues its 4th Edition support with our Races of Violet Dawn product line. This third entry in the series focuses on the zeidian, a new playable race for 4th Edition campaigns that can easily be dropped into any setting.

Zeidians are honorable, independent, and skilled warriors, created by the gods Cylethil and Morindalien to defend humanity from the beasts that roam the world. They are Avadnu’s guardians, disciplined wanderers who have stood with mankind throughout history—never creating cities of their own, but playing a vital role in the maturation of civilization.

Inside this PDF are the complete rules for adding these stoic warriors to your game, 8 new racial feats, a racial paragon path called the Waywalker, new weapons and equipment, and new weapon mastery feats that grant additional powers with weapons.

Races of Violet Dawn is presented in the same full color art style we are known for and includes a light ink version for easy printing.

Authors: Chris Bennett, Alex Freed, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Cover Art: Jason Rosenstock
Interior Art: Shawn Alleyne, Robert J. Gallagher, Jason Rosenstock
Product Code: INC3002
Format: Full Color PDF
Pages: 10


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