Races of Violet Dawn: Ngakoi PDF


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The Inner Circle continues its 4th Edition support with our Races of Violet Dawn product line. This second entry in the series focuses on the ngakoi, a new playable race for 4th Edition campaigns that can easily be dropped into any setting.

Ngakoi are a tribal people who walk between the absolutes of the world. They live in harmony with lands other races cannot or will not populate, from poisonous swamps to forests full of terrible beasts. Outsiders see them as odd at best and corrupt at worst for their willingness to practice strange magic and truck with weird spirits, but ngakoi have no such prejudices about others. To ngakoi, the universe and its inhabitants are exactly as they should be.

Inside this PDF are the complete rules for adding these tribal mystics to your game, 8 new racial feats, a racial paragon path called the Awakened Seer, and new weapons and adventuring gear.

Races of Violet Dawn is presented in the same full color art style we are known for and includes a light ink version for easy printing.

Authors: Chris Bennett, Alex Freed
Cover Art: Louis Sollune, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Interior Art: Robert J. Gallagher, Jason Rosenstock, Louis Sollune, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Product Code: INC3001
Format: Full Color PDF
Pages: 10


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