Legends of Avadnu PDF



The world’s first epic-level monster collection! Featuring the most powerful creatures from Avadnu’s history, Legends of Avadnu uses material recently added to the SRD to create monsters for use in any epic-level d20 System game.

Presented in the same format as Denizens of Avadnu, each monster entry is supplemented with adventure ideas and a separate entry providing depth into Avadnu’s unique history and ecology. Legends of Avadnu also contains monster tokens for each creature so they can easily be used with figures on a battle grid.

Face such terrible foes as the earth-shaking devourer, the angelic and alien lumina, and the weather-wielding true mistji.

Authors: David Bareford, Alex Freed, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Cover Art: Jason Rosenstock
Interior Art: Robert J. Gallagher, Jason Rosenstock, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Product Code: INC0001
Format: Full Color PDF
Pages: 35


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