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Want to know a secret? You’ve come to the right place.

From the creators of the award-nominated Denizens of Avadnu, Fantasy Personae: Sages, Spies, and Informants collects ten exotic NPCs whose insight is deadlier than their blades. Each NPC writeup contains a detailed background, rumors, attitudes, adventure ideas, complete statistics, and a full-color illustration.

You won’t find any human fighters or elf rogues in Fantasy Personae. All writeups take full advantage of wild d20 fantasy to create memorable encounters. In addition, many NPCs use templates, races, and other Open Game Content from some of the most popular third-party d20 rulebooks on the market.

Among others, Fantasy Personae includes: An exiled djinni spymaster who uses summoned elementals to watch his enemies. A mechanical gargoyle who has inherited the libraries of three powerful mages–and who must contend with its masters’ requests from beyond death. An undead scholar enraptured by the magic of a holy work, and who now wears celestial secrets on his skin.

Authors: Alex Freed
Cover Art: Jason Rosenstock
Interior Art: Robert J. Gallagher, Mike Mumich, Jason Rosenstock
Product Code: INC2000
Format: Full Color PDF
Pages: 36


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